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Posted on Wed, December 11 2013, 9 months ago

What’s in my school bag?

My school ID for identification of course. And for the never ending, “NO ID, NO ENTRY” school policy. Bottled water, this is the most important thing inside my bag. Orange leather wallet from Manels, I’ve been using this for 2 years. I must say this is a very lucky wallet. Alcohol, germs germs. Hahaha. Keys with a mini tear gas key chain, who knows what will happen. 

1) Human makeup bag 2) MAC liquid eyeliner 3) Maybelline face powder 4) Pond’s detox day cream 5) Covergirl blush on 6) L’Oreal makeup primer 7) Maybelline lip gloss 8) Maybelline BB Stick 9) a. Marionnaud eyebrow brush b. Nichido brown eye liner c. MAC black eye liner 10) I skipped number 10. Lol. I’m so sorry. Hahaha 11) Marionnaud brush set 12) MAX Factor cake foundation

Yes. I can read two books at the same time. Hahaha. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Usher (Left), It’s a very heartbreaking book. The best of This is a crazy planets by Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra(Right), A compilation of good and opinionated essays from his blog. Very funny and interesting. 

That’s all for now. So how about you? What’s in your bag? Share it. 



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You’ve got to do something or else you’ll lose her.


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